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Marcel Proust EXPOSED

Dr. Charlayne Grenci's Marcel Proust Exposed is the first and only in-depth analysis of Marcel Proust's psyche, sexuality, and his famous works by a clinical sexologist. Grenci's report is an absorbing and critical examination which will both challenge and go beyond all other Proust aficionado's critiques and biographies by revealing the results of an exclusive research. 
Marcel Proust Exposed is an original report of paramount discovery and significance because it thoroughly exposes the private life and dark side of a famous author. Grenci's study will prove beyond a reasonable doubt why Proust was a sadistic, tortured soul, plagued by the depth and diversity of his sexual identity and secret perversions, his highly creative personality and medical illnesses. Between these covers is a mind-blowing revelation prepared to inform readers of non-fiction; parents; Proustian fans; literary scholars; psychiatrists; professors and students of literature, psychology, abnormal psychology, human sexuality, clinical sexology, medicine, sociology, the judicial system, and criminal profiling; and person's seeking methodology successful in detecting and trouble-shooting problem origins and analyzing cases involving sexual evaluation. 
Marcel Proust Exposed is also a good read for all individuals interested in learning about gifted people and their problems.  Is the creative genius predisposed for a life of misery, being misunderstood, prone to addictions or criminal behavior?  Are they blessed with their talent, psychotic because of it, or cursed?  These answers are uncovered between the sheets of Marcel Proust Exposed.

Marcel Proust EXPOSED
Kindle Edition

Paperback, 288 pages: 

Author Dr. Charlayne Grenci


Queen of Domination: My Secret Life

Queen of Domination: My Secret Life reveals the shocking and graphic details of her risqué sex life and taboo professions, embroiled in sex, kink, corruption, deviance, and debauchery.

"Unlike the popular erotic novels such as Valley of the Dolls, The Story of O, and the recent bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey, QUEEN OF DOMINATION is one of the few non-fiction accounts of female sexuality that will at the same time shock and titillate the reader.
Dr. Grenci is a true pioneer as a writer about female sexuality, and you owe it to yourself to take this erotic journey with her so you may begin to understand female sexuality. It is no longer her secret life, but a life to share with the world."

—William Granzig, Ph.D., President, American Academy of Clinical Sexology


Dr. Charlayne Grenci's  Queen of Domination: My Secret Life  is the gripping, poignant true story of a courageous woman who has always lived on the edge of society and sanity for being herself, with a fate to never fit in. 

Queen of Domination by Dr. Charlayne Grenci

Kindle Edition: http://amzn.to/1UpFDaZ

Paperback, 290 pages:  http://amzn.to/1sHCASo


Grande Mistress Carla - Queen of Domination

In a magazine article by Kyle Swenson from the Palm Beach New Times from November 25, 2014, with the title:

author Dr. Charlayne Grenci's experiences from the last 30 years are recalled:

"Thanks to the literary chart-topper called Fifty Shades of Grey, the BDSM corner of the fetish universe is no longer off-limits in the mainstream. Average Joes and Janes don't have to keep their leather-riding crops and cuffs hidden in the closet anymore."

50 Shades of Grey is just fiction - but this is the real life story!

"Back in the '80s, when Dr. Charlayne Grenci slipped into the role of Mistress Carla, at the time South Florida's most in-demand dominatrix, folks were less understanding. In fact, Grenci's pioneering dungeon moves landed her in a legal battle with Broward authorities.
"It really became a witch-hunt because it was so controversial at the time," Grenci says today of her court tussles, which are covered in her recently released memoir, Queen of Domination, for sale on Amazon or http://drgrenciphd.com.

Grenci was born and raised in an upper-middle-class family from Maine. But she didn't find out about the domination world until the late '70s, when she was living in South Florida. "A friend of mine told me about the existence of this underground scene," she explains. "It was beyond taboo to me. I was extremely vanilla.”
Grenci says she just recognized the need for the fetish. "Why would prominent and successful CEOs and lawyers and doctors be interested in doing it? There's a basic need in our society for this.”
Between 1980 and 1983, Grenci had about 500 customers come through her dungeon, she says. Before every session, her assistant would interview the customer about his likes and dislikes. Later, Grenci scribbled detailed notes on the answers, creating a PhD-caliber study of human kink.
The brakes slammed in February 1983. Likely tipped off by nosy neighbors, the Broward Sheriff's Office banged on Grenci's door with a search warrant. She was eventually arrested and charged with a handful of charges, including keeping a house of ill fame. Altogether, she faced up to a 25-year jail sentence. Grenci, who felt this was unfair, was determined to fight the charge on the grounds that she was providing a therapeutic service. The trial ended in mistrial. Before her second scheduled trial, Grenci accepted a plea deal, eventually serving 90 days in jail and 500 hours of community service.

She attended a school called Maimonides University and got a degree in clinical sexology in the 2000s.  
Her research has been based on observing, interviewing, and working with thousands of people.  Her research study has focused on various sexual practices, and alternative lifestyles, sexual preferences, sexual human behavior, and most relationship issues.

Still, Grenci's case made headlines all over South Florida and was part of a larger pattern of underground lifestyles smacking against sanctimonious authority. 

For more information on Grenci's life, or to contact her for her services as a lecturer or clinical sexologist, you can check out her web site:  http://www.drgrenciphd.com/
or read her memoir:  Queen of Domination: My Secret Life

Dr. Charlayne Grenci's Queen of Domination: My Secret Life is the gripping, poignant true story of a courageous woman who has always lived on the edge of society and sanity for being herself, with a fate to never fit in. 

Grenci's endless perseverance and imitable strength in her convictions unleashed her passion to explore her own sexual desires and to perpetuate her mission to study human sexual behaviors. Living in a powerful drama of fear, anguish, and rejection since childhood, to suffering the cruelty of persecution and a prosecution turned into a sensationalized "witch-hunt," Grenci risked it all again and again to challenge the system where others feared to tread.

Queen of Domination: My Secret Life reveals the shocking and graphic details of her risqué sex life and taboo professions, embroiled in sex, kink, corruption, deviance, and debauchery.

Dr. Charlayne E. Grenci, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor - Clinical Sexology
Office Counselling 954-980-2780
AKA Grande Mistress Carla, G. M.
Queen of Domination (since 1980)
Guest Lecturer (since 1987)
Founder of Command Performance, 1st Dungeon Club in Florida (1991-2007)
Founder of 1st BDSM Educational Institution in Florida 1991
Grande Matriarch of Florida (since 1993)
Established 1st Yearly Fetish Convention in Florida (1995)
Recognized by American Academy of Clinical Sexologists (1998)
Leather Woman of the Year Award (1999)
Bestowed/Acknowledged Grande Mistress of the United States (2002)
Graduated - Ph.D. in clinical sexology; opened private practice (2007)

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Obituary: Donald J. Trump

Another amazing blog post by C.C. Lum:

Who fired The Donald? 

Whoever pulled the trigger on The Donald, they certainly triggered a revival of conspiracy theorizing on a grand scale.  Forget the Birthers…all the exciting speculation is now with the Deather's. 

C.C. Lum remembers Donald Trump… (read on)


Bernie and the Path to Coalition Government

C.C. Lum wrote a great blog article:

Bernie and the Path to Coalition Government

Even for an imaginative writer, such as myself, it is hard to conjure up any political course that would seriously threaten the Deep State, that is, the real-power infrastructure embedded in the United States.

To be sure, the theatrical value of the current presidential race is unprecedented in its farcical quality, all the while raising some disturbing questions about the qualifications of the voting public to even participate in this democracy mime.

That said, all the drama aside, the campaigning on the left and on the right is still just theatre…not revolution.  Or am I wrong?  (read on…)