Monday, February 19, 2018

Amazon Prime Membership for Avid Readers

There are over 1.3 million titles listed in Kindle Owners’ Lending Library - not only books but also newspapers and magazines - in print and digital format.  How can readers benefit from these Prime advantages?

  • Borrowing one book per month from the huge Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (roughly 25 percent of all Kindle books).  However, there is no due date, you can keep one title as long as you want.  You need to own an Amazon device – for example, either a Kindle e-reader or a Fire tablet.
  • Prime Reading of over 1,000 items on a book selection which is being frequently refreshed with new titles. Subscribers can read for free the top-selling Kindle books and comic books.  Additionally, there is free access to premium magazines, from National Geographic to People, to Coastal Living, to Entrepreneur, to Golf, to Popular Science, to Sports Illustrated.
  • Free two-day shipping of print books plus millions of items from the Amazon online store.  There are over 14.5 million Prime-eligible books in Amazon store.  Prime members can get the Prime-eligible book often delivered the same day - if they live in certain areas.
  • Getting one “Kindle First” ebook a month, at no extra cost.  Amazon editors select a couple of books that are exclusively published for Kindle.  The list is being refreshed at the beginning of each month.  What’s special about Kindle First is that the featured books are available ahead of their official release dates.
  • Getting free access to Audible Channels.  Audible Channels is a carefully curated selection of original programs, lectures, and audio editions of articles and news from most popular and opinion-forming sources such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, or the Harvard Business Review among others.

Amazon Prime – Complete List of Features
Free Two-Day Shipping – on eligible items to addresses in the contiguous U.S.,
Free Same-Day Delivery – in certain areas,
Kindle Owners’ Lending Library – you can borrow one book each calendar month; the catalog includes over 1,000,000 ebooks,
Kindle First – early access to download a new book for free every month from the Kindle First picks,
Audible Channels – free access to original audio editions of standout articles and news from top sources,
Prime Reading – free access to over 1,000 top Kindle books, magazines, and comics,
Prime Instant Video – unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes,
Prime Music – unlimited, ad-free access to hundreds of Prime playlists and more than a million songs,
Prime Photos – secure unlimited photo storage in Amazon Cloud Drive,
Prime Pantry – members can purchase low priced grocery, household, and pet care items for a flat delivery fee of $5.99,
Amazon Elements – access to Amazon’s line of everyday essentials,
Prime Early Access – 30-minute early access to select Lightning Deals and new events on,
Membership sharing – Prime members may share the account with up to four eligible household members living at the same address.

HOWEVER: these are the benefits for US-CUSTOMERS only!  Amazon customers in Canada, the United Kingdom and other parts of the world may not have all of the same benefits.  Hopefully, Amazon adds all these benefits soon to readers in every country. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fellowship & Writer's Residency in Arkansas

Writers of any genre are invited to apply for the Oxford American Jeff Baskin Writers Fellowship.  Although the writer may have published books in other genres, the proposed project must be for a debut book of creative nonfiction.

The manuscript may, however, be in any stage of development: draft, agency representation, contracted, or not.  For the purposes of this fellowship, creative nonfiction is defined as literary journalism, memoir, reportage, criticism, or the lyric essay.

The successful writer will receive:

  • a $10,000 stipend paid in installments
  • a furnished apartment in Little Rock to live in for the duration of the fellowship. The apartment comes with basic utilities including wi-fi
  • and an editorial apprenticeship with the Oxford American (approximately 20 hours per week, with some flexibility)

To apply for the fellowship applicants must supply:

  • a 300 – 500-word book proposal
  • a 300 – 500-word statement of interest in magazine editorial work
  • a creative nonfiction writing sample of no more than 12,000 words excerpted from the proposed project and
  • a curriculum vitae

To be eligible for this fellowship:
Applicants must be United States citizens or permanent residents. An application fee of $30 is payable at the time of submission. This will be used by the magazine to help cover the administrative costs associated with the prize.
The Oxford American does not require that the writer or the proposed project have a particular tie to the South; however, applications of equal literary value that align with the Oxford American’s mission will be given preference.

Application Deadline 24 March 2018
Find all the details at:


Saturday, February 3, 2018

New Features at Kindle Direct Publishing

In December, we used for the first time Kindle Direct Publishing to “POD” (Print-on-Demand) the paperback version of Traumberuf Pilot? - which is a handbook for Airline Pilots in the German language.  Quite a bit a mixed experience - as we worked with “real” printers in the past, and recently let our former print distributor eBookPartnership deal with CreateSpace.   Amazon’s Updates to Paperback Features New features to KDP’s paperback self-publishing option - they are now out of the Beta version:
  • Publishers and authors can now order printed proofs from KDP.
  • Author copies from KDP are a greatly appreciated step too. Books can be stocked in local bookstores and libraries or used as advance review copies, press release packages, paperback giveaways, and for book signings or to sell at readings and workshops.
  • KDP introduced their author copies and proofs - printed and shipped from Europe which will please British and European authors.
Author Chris Mullen wrote: “It looks increasingly as if KDP will eventually become CreateSpace’s equal sister company.  Perhaps the two companies will be soon consolidated, or perhaps all the CreateSpace titles will migrate to KDP."  He wrote a quite detailed comparison between the POD offers of CreateSpace and Kindle Direct Publishing.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Free Writer’s & Artists Residencies - Offered Every Year



Eliza So Fellowship
This month-long residency in Las Vegas will offer award recipients time and solitude to help them finish a book that is already in progress. The 2018 fellowships will include room and board at The Writer’s Block, along with a $500 food stipend and $400 toward travel. You must have a novel, collection of stories, memoir, or other prose work (fiction, nonfiction or hybrid) in progress (100 pages minimum) or poetry collection in progress (30 pages minimum). And you are either: a) A US immigrant (documented or undocumented), b) An indigenous writer with significant ties to Montana. Deadline March 25, 2018
Massachusetts Fellowships
The Artist Fellowships provide competitive grants of $12,000 and finalist awards of $1,000 (award amounts contingent upon legislative appropriation). The number of awards per discipline category varies according to the number of applications reviewed, the recommendations of each panel, and program funds available.  Writing category is open to fiction and creative nonfiction. Deadline January 29, 2018.
Kentucky Fellowships
The Al Smith Individual Artist Fellowships (every two years for literary arts) are $7,500 unrestricted awards given to Kentucky artists who have achieved a high level of excellence and creativity in their work. The current deadline is for the literary arts to include fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Deadline February 15, 2018.
Chulita Lodge
Location Lake Clark National Park, Alaska. Chulitna Lodge Artist-In-Residence Program seeks to provide the time, space, clarity, and facilities for all forms of creative professionals to make and meditate. Chulitna Lodge is 180 miles west of Anchorage, Alaska. The property is an inholding on hundreds of square miles of the national park, so there are no roads leading in or out. The only access is by plane. Full scholarships include Room & Board plus flight from anywhere in the continental U.S. and commuter flight from Anchorage to Port Alsworth and require a minimum of six-week commitment between June 1 and September 30.
Fellowship – No fee, all expenses covered including travel expenses from anywhere in the continental US
Work Study – No fee, expenses covered including travel expenses from Anchorage to the lodge.
Applications to Chulitna's programming can be made on slide room at the following link:
Deadlines: in mid-January of every year


Huffington Post Offers Paid Assignments



Nothing new - just differently called - … albeit paid now. And for professional writers. Huffington Post explains: “We’re launching HuffPost Opinion and HuffPost Personal. If you want to be a part of them, here’s how you can pitch to us. All published contributions to these new sections are paid.
Opinion  “A HuffPost Opinion piece is smart, authentic and timely, and offers rigorous analysis. Which means it has something original to say or an original point of view to offer that sheds a new light on an existing debate. Or it pulls something into the spotlight that isn’t already there. It presents a strong argument backed up by provable evidence. And the piece represents the views of the writer clearly and transparently. It will be exclusive to HuffPost, which means it hasn’t been published anywhere else. If you’ve already pitched it elsewhere, you should let us know.” Personal “A HuffPost Personal piece is original, authentic, compelling and told in the first person. We feature writers from different backgrounds and identities with distinct voices and points of view writing about a variety of topics, including identity (race, gender, sexuality, disability, etc.); health and mental health; sex/love and relationships in every sense of the word; family and parenting; work, money and career; body and body image and just plain old great stories about unique life experiences." "It will be exclusive to HuffPost, which means it hasn’t been published anywhere else. If you’ve already pitched it elsewhere, please let us know.”

  • What’s your relevant expertise or experience?
  • Briefly summarize your story idea.
  • Briefly explain why you’re the right person to write the piece.
  • Briefly explain why this argument or story matters. What are the stakes here?
  • Briefly outline how the piece will start and end. Do not send full drafts.
  • “Note clearly in the subject line what you’re pitching, using a clear, informative headline.
  • Specify in the subject line if your pitch is timely.
  • Include a short description of your previous writing experience and links to published clips, if relevant.
  • Be your own work. We do not accept pitches from PR representatives or agents.” Chloe Angyal - Deputy Opinion Editor, HuffPost Emily McCombs - Deputy Editor, HuffPost Personal

Monday, January 22, 2018

Neue YouTube Regeln - Weniger Geld!

Wer etwa als One-Hit-Wonder auf YouTube Geld verdienen will, muss die Zuschauer künftig also motivieren, nicht nur sein Video anzuschauen, sondern auch seinen Kanal zu abonnieren. 

Ein einziger Clip mit zigtausenden oder gar Millionen Aufrufen, sei es ein Amateur-Video von einem bedrohlich nahen Hurrikan oder einer lustigen Alltagspanne, ist dann womöglich zu wenig, um dem Uploader Einnahmen zu bescheren. 
Für Leute, die solche Aufnahmen gemacht haben, könnte es dadurch attraktiver werden, ihre potenziell viral gehenden Inhalte an bekannte YouTuber oder Content-Agenturen zu verkaufen, die diese dann auf ihren bereits etablierten Kanälen veröffentlichen.

Andere Finanzierungsformen werden interessanter
Am empfindlichsten treffen wird die 1000-Abonnenten-Schallmauer derweil Nischenkanäle mit einigen Hundert, dafür vielleicht besonders engagierten Zuschauern. Sie fliegen aus dem Partnerprogramm, wenn sie nicht binnen der nächsten Wochen die neu festgesetzte Mindestabonnentenzahl für die Mitgliedschaft erreichen.
Ihre Videos sind dann automatisch - von Produktplatzierungen und ähnlichem abgesehen - werbefrei, bringen also kein Geld mehr.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

New Years Resolution: Writing for a Living?

If you want to use your excellent writing skills to build the life of your dreams - where you don’t have to report to a boss or to an office?  Where you work when you want, from wherever you want, on projects you enjoy?

Does Writing for a Living Sound too Good to be True?
Do your writing work from the comfort of your home or at a favorite cafe, or while vacationing on a sun-filled, breezy island … Discover how to create your own satisfying, well-paid writing career in our new author-guidebook.  Writing for a living doesn’t mean you have to wait forever until royalties rolling in.  

"Use your book's manuscript to extend your revenues, find tons of freelance writing opportunities in this title and learn everything about grants, crowd-funding, fellowships, writer contests or writer vacations in free residencies."

The Possibilities Are Endless...
Learn how to be in charge of your income now.  The only “ceilings” are the ones you place on yourself!  You can make an excellent living as a writer.  All you need is someone to show you how to start.

Writing for a living offers lots of advantages – you get to choose when and where you work, and with whom.  But it’s not enough to say you want to make a living as a writer; you need to know HOW.  You need a concrete plan to bridge the gap between where you are now to where you want to be.

111 Tips to Make Money With Writing shows you the many possibilities 

to become a full-time writer - with a lot more than 111 tips.

Distribution to More Retailers
Sell From Your Own Website
Hardcover  Books
Foreign Rights
Copy Royalties

Prequels & Sequels
Short Stories
Writing Contests
Writing at Platforms
Guest Blogs

Writing Opportunities
Freelance Writing Tips
Write Sponsored Posts
Writing for Magazines and Newspapers
Freelance Platforms

Grants, Fellowships, and Residencies
Affiliate Marketing
Selling Your Images Online

Legal - Writer Beware 
Income Tax
Digital Nomads

For a Preview click here:
Find it on iBooks, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Chapters, Thalia, Weltbild etc. 

via a universal link: